What is a Fitted Hat? Some Pros and ConsWhat is a Fitted Hat? Some Pros and Cons

As a result of my stubbornness when it comes to only buying myself fitted hats, I am often asked “what is a fitted hat, and how is it different than the other styles?”, so in this post I will try to answer that question!

Fitted Hat Facts:

To answer the question above, a fitted hat is a customized hat that will only fit one head size.

The back of the hat is closed, unlike snapback hats, so it is not adjustable for Fitted Hat Stylevarying head sizes.

The brim of a fitted hat is usually kept flat, but can be curved, and usually comes with a gold sticker which, if removed, is said to decrease the value and swag of the hat.

A fitted hat has a high crown and can be considered “deep”, where the hat comes close to or actually touches the top of your ears.

My recommendation for any first time fitted hat buyer is to shop for it in person so that you can try on the different sizes that are available.  After the first time buying a hat and identifying what your head size is, the real fun can begin because now you can search for some of the awesome styles that are out there that may not be stocked at your local sports apparel store.

Fitted Hat Pros:

Don’t have to worry about others wearing your hat (unless they have the same head size)Fitted Hat Back

Go-to hat option for fashion (fitted hats go with everything!)

Closed back allows for additional designs

Very comfortable

Can easily be worn backwards (if that’s what you want!)

Fitted Hat Cons:

Not great in windy weather and while running / walking outside (I have chased my fair share of hats)

Not as many designs as other hat styles

Tend to be more expensive than the other styles

Overall their are a lot of positives to choosing the fitted hat style, but as with anything there are negatives as well.  With that being said, everyone prefers their own style of hat but I hope I was able to provide some more information as to why the fitted hat is all I wear!!

What is your favourite style of hat, and do you have a favourite design or team that you prefer?  I would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below!!


2 thoughts on “What is a Fitted Hat? Some Pros and Cons”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love Dallas Cowboys hats. They are very colorful and of course the best team. Can’t wait for football season.

    1. Shawn says:

      Thanks Carolyn, I agree! I’m a big Cowboys fan so I personally own multiple fitted Dallas hats!
      All the best,

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